Applications and Solutions

The applications of INSTEON are endless, limited only by your imagination. We're often amazed by some of the weird and wonderful application ideas people have for INSTEON.

The imagination side of the equation can often be the hardest part, especially if you're new to home automation. To help provide some inspiration, we've put together a range of project "Solutions", where you can see what's required (and how to install) INSTEON for your home technology applications.

Click to explore solutions within these common application categories:

Control your energy usage

Whether you're looking to save energy costs or are passionate about helping the environment, there's no denying the benefits of reducing energy usage in your home. INSTEON can help:

  • Heating and cooling is a large contributor to energy usage. Intelligently control heating and cooling with the INSTEON thermostat. If it's hot inside and hot outside then turn on the A/C. But if it's cooler outside then it could automatically open motorised windows to let in the cool cross-flow breeze.
  • The INSTEON Motion Sensor can turn lights on when you enter a room, and automatically turns them off after an adjustable amount of time.
  • Existing motorised shutters or blinds can be added to an INSTEON system with the INSTEON Micro Motor Controller, enabling scheduled opening/closing times, operation based on temperature or humidity, or even enabling control when you're away from home.
  • Schedule an INSTEON Plug-In Relay (On/Off) to switch off the power to your home audio/video devices overnight. Your INSTEON system could pay for itself by reducing stand-by power usage alone.

Mood and scene lighting

Create the perfect atmosphere for a room, or across your entire home with INSTEON lighting scenes. A scene lets you define exactly how you'd like to light your home, and then a single button press makes it happen. For example when it's time for dinner: at the touch of a button your kitchen lights dim, while the dining room overhead light and feature lamps turn on.

Not limited to lighting, scenes can also include appliances, heating/cooling, or any other electrical device in your home - providing powerful control normally reserved for expensive lighting control systems. Define scenes for a number of common situations in your home:

  • Movie Time – At the press of a button the curtains close, lights dim and your Blu-ray player starts the movie. Grab a glass of red and get comfortable for a relaxing night in. INSTEON could even turn on your popcorn warmer.
  • The Entertainer - Your friends are just about to arrive, so let INSTEON help with the preparations by getting your home ready. Configure a scene that automatically turns on exterior lighting, your water feature and starts your music playlist. The alfresco lights dim to your perfect setting and the spa pump kicks in.
  • Home Time – You're 20 minutes from home after a long day. Open the INSTEON app on your smartphone and activate your "Coming Home" scene. If it's dark the front porch light will come on. If it's hot the air-con will turn on. If it's cold the heater will kick in. In any case you'll be welcomed home, by your home.
  • Bedtime – One button press on the tiny INSTEON Mini Remote next to your bed and your home's lights dim to off, power is cut to your devices to save stand-by power, the thermostat drops to eco mode and the alarm system is activated. Good night.
  • Rise and Shine – It's nearly time to wake up but INSTEON is already preparing for the day ahead. The thermostat has been set to the perfect temperature, the coffee machine is pre-heating and the heated towel rail has turned on creating a hotel-like luxury. You're allowed to press snooze.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating and cooling is a major contributor to your home's energy bill, often more than lighting, TVs and computers and other appliances combined. INSTEON offers an intelligent and affordable way to manage your heating and cooling costs.

The INSTEON Thermostat is both a Controller and a Responder at once. This means that it can be controlled by other INSTEON controllers, and also activate INSTEON enabled devices in your home - based on temperature, humidity or mode changes. Here are just a few applications for this:

  • Stage-1 cooling can turn on your ceiling fans and close the curtains to cool down your home. Stage-2 cooling can turn on the A/C.
  • If the humidity level climbs too high, turn on your dehumidifier with an INSTEON Plug-In Relay (On/Off) module.
  • Combined with the INSTEON Hub you can also control your thermostat using your smartphone, tablet or web browser, from anywhere in the world. Arrive home to a comfortable home.
  • Configure custom temperature set-points for your home, with different settings possible based on time or day of the week.

Security and safety

Not just for convenience and lifestyle, INSTEON also helps to make your home safer and more secure. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Receive email alerts when an INSTEON Motion Sensor or Open/Close Sensor is triggered. Provides assurance that the kids have arrived home on time from school, or lets you know if motion is detected when you're away on vacation.
  • Using the INSTEON Wireless Camera (coming soon) you can view a live video feed of your home via your smartphone, tablet or web browser. Includes full pan/tilt control so you can "look" around the room, shop or pool area. Respond to an INSTEON alert appropriately by first seeing what's happening.
  • INSTEON enabled lights allow you to make your home look "lived-in" when you're away for the evening or an extended period of time. Lights can turn on and off automatically and curtains can open/close depending on the time of day.
  • Home alone? Hear a strange noise in the middle of the night? A quick button press can turn on all of the exterior lights and provide a degree of security by scaring.

Assistive technology

INSTEON can assist those with disabilities or other special needs. It can provide practical solutions to everyday activities, from adding remote or automated control of lights and devices, through to more complex tasks that would otherwise be impossible. An INSTEON system can also be used with other assistive technologies to provide a enhanced freedom, independence, confidence and safety.