X10 Remotes & Wireless Devices

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X10 isn't just about Transmitters and Receivers. There are number of X10 RF Remotes and Wireless Devices that allow you to control your X10 Home Automation system remotely.

The X10 Remotes & Wireless Devices category contains the following sub-categories:

X10 RF Remote Controls

X10 remote controls let you control your X10 system from anywhere in your home or building automation system. The 433.92MHz RF signal they transmit can travel through walls and floors. Add remote control home automation to your home.

As remote controls aren't connected to the power lines (that would be a bit restrictive!), X10 RF Remote Controls need to operate in conjunction with an RF-to-X10 Interface unit (see below).


X10 RF Palm Pad Remote


The HR10 palm sized remote control provides on, off and dimming control for up 16 X10 addresses.

Code: HR10


8-in-1 Universal Remote Control with RF


Clean up your coffee table with the EC8 8in1 Universal Remote control featuring learning. Also controls your X10 lighting and appliances and can be used from anywhere in the house.

Code: EC8


ebode 6-in-1 IR/RF Universal Remote Control


Easy to use universal remote control for up to 6 Audio/Video appliances. This version of the ebode TAKE6 also includes wireless RF so it can even work through walls.


X10 RF Wireless Devices

In addition to remote controls, there are a number of other wireless RF devices that can be used to operate your X10 home and building automation system.

Our battery powered motion sensor and wireless wall switch allow you to add motion detection or an extra light switch without expensive rewiring.

As the RF wireless X10 devices aren't connected to the power lines, they don't speak to X10 Receivers directly - they need to work in conjunction with an X10 RF-to-X10 Interface unit (see below).


X10 RF Wireless Motion Sensor


The Hawkeye wireless motion sensor transmits RF signals to an RF Interface module when it detects motion. Use to control lighting or activate macros in your X10 system based on movement.

Code: MS13