INSTEON Starter Kits

You've made the right choice with INSTEON, and getting started is easy. Simply choose from one of our convenient starter kits and you'll be well on your way. Available in three convenient configurations, a starter kit provides the foundation you'll need to get started - for a special packaged price.

INSTEON is an investment in your home and lifestyle. One that liberates the somewhat limited lights and appliances in your home by allowing them to work more intelligently, for you. INSTEON is efficient and it's smart. Regardless of your chosen starter kit, what you'll get is a solution that's easy to set-up and operate. There's no wires to run and no advanced expert knowledge required.

It all starts with the Hub

iPhone or iPad, Android, PC or Mac - the INSTEON Hub puts you in control. The Smart Control and Ultimate Control kits include the Hub, providing control of INSTEON lights, wall-switches, power-points and thermostats through the INSTEON App. From home or away, create automated schedules, scenes, view cameras and setup SMS/email alerts. The Hub makes your home a smart home.

A DIY start, with professional appeal

All of our INSTEON starter kits contain a number of components that will get you started with home automation. These components are all Do-It-Yourself (DIY), letting you dip your toes in without needing an electrician. Once you're familiar with INSTEON you can easily add new modules at any time, be it more DIY or professionally-installed.

Wireless control from anywhere

All of our starter kits include an INSTEON Mini Remote, which lets you control your INSTEON dimmers and switches wirelessly. With the right INSTEON responders, use the Mini-Remote to dim or brighten lights, open your motorised curtains or activate advanced lighting scenes from the comfort of, well, anywhere in your home.

Simple beginnings

Each DIY kit is easy to use and set up. No wires to run and no expert knowledge required.

The Perfect Balance

INSTEON technology is a perfect synergy between performance and value.

Expand. In your own time

Start with a starter kit and grow your system over time as each new application presents.

2-Year Warranty

INSTEON kits and accessories are backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Your INSTEON experience starts here

Select one of our DIY starter kits to begin the journey

Remote Starter Kit

A great little starter, this kit will allow you to control two separate devices via remote-control, a plug-in lamp (dimmable) and a plug-in appliance. The 4-scene Mini-Remote provides for scene control, as well as future expansion.

Starter Kit Includes...
  • 1 x Mini Remote (4-Scene)
  • 1 x Plug-In Relay (On/Off)
  • 1 x Plug-In Dimmer
Total Value: $207
Starter Kit Price $189
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Smart Control Kit

With the added power of smartphone / tablet interaction, the Smart Control Kit is a wise way to get started with INSTEON. Set up automated scheduling based on time or motion detection, and take advantage of lighting scenes to create the perfect mood.

Starter Kit Includes...
  • 1 x Mini Remote (4-Scene)
  • 2 x Plug-In Relays (On/Off)
  • 1 x Plug-In Dimmer
  • 1 x INSTEON Hub
  • 1 x Motion Sensor
Total Value: $499
Starter Kit Price $449
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Ultimate Control Kit

Our most popular INSTEON starter kit, this great-valued package provides for smartphone, automated, motion and door-sensor control of your home. Includes remote control, door sensor, motion sensors and multiple DIY lighting and appliance modules.

Starter Kit Includes...
  • 1 x Mini Remote (4-Scene)
  • 2 x Plug-In Relays (On/Off)
  • 2 x Plug-In Dimmers
  • 1 x INSTEON Hub
  • 2 x Motion Sensors
  • 1 x Door/Window Sensor
Total Value: $696
Starter Kit Price $599
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INSTEON starter kits comparison table:

Remote Starter Kit Smart Control Kit Ultimate Control Kit
INSTEON Hub No Included Included
Plug-In Dimmer Module 1 1 2
Plug-In Relay (On/Off) Module 1 2 2
Mini-Remote (4-Scene) 1 1 1
Motion Sensor - 1 2
Door/Window Sensor - - 1
Control via smartphone / tablet No Yes Yes
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Total Value $207 $499 $696
Starter Kit Price $189 $449 $599
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