UPS Backup Power Protection

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Overview of UPS Backup Power Protection

Safeguard your appliances from power surges, voltage spikes, noise and sudden power outages with Envious Technology's line of power protection products.

By employing top-of-the-line Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), surge protectors, filter boards, and other similar devices, you'll be able to prolong the lives of your electrical appliances. Some of our products even have advanced alert features that can inform you of electrical disturbances or abnormalities so you can take action quickly.


The UPS Backup Power Protection category contains the following sub-categories:

Surge Protection Systems

Surge protection products are designed to protect your precious computer system, AV home entertainment products and other valuable electronic equipment.

Protect your equipment from surges, voltage spikes and other power disturbances to avoid possible data loss and permanent damage to your electrical equipment.




The ZapGuard PSZ6NT is an ultra-modern and stylish powerboard with six outlets and Telephone / Network protection.

Code: PSZ6NT




This sophisticated and stylish powerboard is equipped with, eight outlets, both Aerial type coax connectors as well as F-type connectors.

Code: PSZ8AV1

Stand-By UPS Systems

Standby UPS are basic power protection systems that provide:

  • Emergency power in the event of a blackout
  • Short-term protection from voltages variation
  • Short-term surge protection

Suitable as basic protection for computer workstations, AV equipment, telephone systems and security systems. The VA rating indicates the energy storage capacity of the UPS, thus its capacity to protect your equipment.


Eaton 3S Standby Powerboard UPS 700 VA


Eaton 3S Standby Powerboard UPS 700 VA

Code: EA3S-700




The PowerShield VoltGuard AVR will automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and over voltages.

Code: PSVG1500