X10 Starter Kits and Packs

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To build an X10 home automation system you're going to need a good foundation. That's why we've created a range of DIY home automation starter kits. Simplicity here is the key: every kit is plug and play, and each allows you to start a home automation system that you can expand any time you like.

Choosing A Starter Kit:

Choosing an X10 starter kit all comes down to what you want to automate. Here are some ideas;

You'll find our range of X10 starter kits below:

The X10 Starter Kits and Packs category contains the following sub-categories:

Winplus X10 Home Automation Kits

Winplus Home Automation is a range of 100% X10 compatible kits that were branded Winplus for sale in Bunnings stores throughout Australia. Bunnings are no longer stocking these products, but the good news is they've always been available from Envious Technology.

Winplus DIY Home Automation kits are 100% X10 compatible, because they ARE X10 products. If you're just starting off with home automation or looking to expand your existing system then you're in the right place. Envious Technology stock many more X10 products than were ever in the Winplus range.

Looking for individual Winplus components? You'll find them in our X10 Transmitters and X10 Receivers categories.