Experience INSTEON

What is it like to live in an INSTEON home? The answer is: easy

Don't think of INSTEON as just an "automated home", because it's so much more than that. It's about making life more comfortable, secure and simple. It gives you more time for whatever is important for you. INSTEON provides an auto-pilot for your home, helping to save energy, time and enhance your lifestyle. You set it up however you like.

Below you'll find an example of how INSTEON can help in your home. Remember though that exactly what INSTEON will mean for you will be defined BY you. That's because INSTEON provides solutions and benefits to unique lifestyle requirements, not anybody else's.

A week in the life of an INSTEON home

Day-1: Monday 6:30am

It's 15 minutes until your alarm sounds. INSTEON is already busy helping get your day off to a good start.

The thermostat has set the perfect temperature, the coffee machine is pre-heating and your towel heater in the bathroom has turned on for that little bit of luxury.

Time to rise and shine.

Day-1: Monday 3:50pm

The kids have finished school and are making their own way home. You wonder if they're ok.

An INSTEON Open/Close Sensor sends you an push notification as soon as they walk through the front door.

Home. Safe & sound.

Day-2: Tuesday 6:54am

Good morning. You've already snoozed the alarm. And loved it...

Your bedroom lamps have slowly brightened to help you wake naturally and start the day on the right foot.

Downstairs curtains and blinds are opened. The radio turns on. It's nice waking up with INSTEON.

Day-2: Tuesday 1:30pm

Nobody's home, and INSTEON's in the pool.

Not for fun this time, it's running your daily pump and cleaning routine to save money by taking advantage of high solar input.

It'll be finished before you get home.

Day-2: Tuesday 9:29pm

The family are out late tonight, an unplanned dinner with old friends.

Your home keeps the HVAC on eco mode, saving power when you're not home. The curtains and blinds were automatically closed at dusk.

INSTEON turns a few lights on and off so it looks like you're home. That's intelligent security.

Day-3: Wednesday 7:50am

Time to leave for work. INSTEON's at work as well.

Your lights, stand-by appliances and thermostat have been turned off all via a "Leaving" button on the keypad by the front door.

Your INSTEON home is paying for itself by simplifying energy management.

Day-3: Wednesday 11:58pm

Everyone is asleep, except for little Johnny who has to relieve his namesake.

An INSTEON Motion Detector turns on lights along the pathway to the bathroom.

But because of the time, the lights come on to only 10% brightness - just enough to light the way.

Day-4: Thursday 8:45am

You just arrived at work and it dawns on you that you didn't close the garage door. Again.

No problem. Open the INSTEON app on your smartphone and close it with a single button press. Easy.

Day-4: Thursday 4:58pm

Your in-laws are coming over for dinner. They arrive early and nobody's home.

Again the INSTEON smartphone app is close at hand. Unlock the front door remotely to them in. It's a pretty hot day as well, so turn on the A/C and run your "I'm Home" sequence while you're there.

Your home. Working for you.

Day-5: Friday 9:47am

You're looking forward to a day off today. But the phone rings and you're asked to drive 90min return to reset a control server at an unmanned outpost.

INSTEON isn't just for homes. You open up the iPad and use INSTEON to power-cycle the server from anywhere.

Your day off stays your day off.

Day-5: Friday 7:13pm

Friends are just arriving.

Trigger your "entertaining" scene with the INSTEON Mini Remote and your home rises to the occasion. Lights dim, music commences, garden lights turn on & friends wow.

Saturday 10:42am

Today's going to be a hot one. Your INSTEON home knows what to do.

Your exterior shutters and motorised curtains have been closed. The A/C is on in the living zone, and the ceiling fans have automatically turned on.

Saturday 7:38pm

It's been hot all day and after enjoying the pool everyone is inside.

A cool change arrives and nobody notices. INSTEON does.

The A/C is turned off and louvre windows are automatically opened to take advantage of cross-flow ventilation. You remain oblivious, but INSTEON just saved a lot of energy.

Day-7: Sunday 8:03am

The whole family are heading away for a day out.

A quick press of the "Leaving" button on the wall mounted keypad and all the lights and stand-by devices are turned off. The power-points used for the iron and hair-dryer are isolated. No worries.

Day-7: Sunday 8:38pm

It's been a long week. Time to relax with a bit of Hollywood.

Sink into the couch and set the scene. One button-press and your curtains close, lights dim, the projector screen lowers and and the movie starts.

Queue popcorn and glass of vino, feet up and enjoy.