Insteon Micro Dimmer


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Dimmable Micro-Module Responder that adds INSTEON control to overhead lights. Installs behind a light switch.

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  • Wires in behind your existing switches or fixtures
  • Retain manual control via a connected, hard-wired switch
  • Compatible with latching and single/dual momentary switches

Insteon Responder
32 Dimming Steps
Dual-mesh technology
Contractor Installation

Adding remote control to wired lights usually means replacing switches, not any more. With INSTEON's new dual-band micro-module dimmer, you can keep your existing antique, toggle or decorative wall switches while adding the customisable, dimmable remote control functionality that INSTEON offers. Customise your lights with a preset brightness level and ramp rate, then control it from any INSTEON controller.

This compact module installs behind your existing switch, giving it full INSTEON automation while retaining local control at the switch by way of sense wires. Connect the sense wires to any style wall switch to match any type of designer theme (antique, push-button, metal, etc.). The micro-module dimmer can also be installed as an in-line module within a fixture box, providing remote control dimming without having to run wires to a wall switch.

The INSTEON micro range also includes a Micro Relay (On/Off) for on/off lights/appliances and a Micro Motor Controller for projection screens, shutters, curtains, blinds, etc.

Products similar to the Insteon Micro Dimmer:

Micro Motor Controller

Micro-Module Responder that adds INSTEON control to existing motorised projector screens, motorised blinds / shutters, motorised curtains and more. Dual-pole mains power operation.

DIN-Rail Dimmer

Inline Dimmable Responder that adds INSTEON control to overhead lights. Requires installation by a qualified electrical contractor.

Image of Insteon Insteon Micro Dimmer