Netatmo Presence Camera

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Outdoor camera and floodlight that detects and reports in real-time and lets you view footage anywhere you go using the app

  • Award-winning sophisticated guard that protects your home
  • Detects and reports in real-time, view anywhere on the app
  • Elegant sleek minimalist aluminium design

Presence is the only consumer outdoor security system using a sophisticated deep learning technology, Smart-Sight´┐Ż, enabling it to analyse and report precisely what's happening outside your home. The Alert-Zones feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts to know instantly when someone enters a selected zone.

  • Award winning sophisticated guard that protects your home while blending seamlessly into any exterior
  • Detects and reports in real-time, view anywhere you go using the app
  • Elegant sleek minimalist aluminium design
  • Stunning images and video, recorded in excellent Full HD quality
  • Pinch-to-zoom into the video to see every detail
  • Completely weatherproof, protected to an IP66 standard
  • Able to detect people, cars or animals up to 20m, ability to customise
  • Bank-level and end-to-end encryption for the highest level of protection
  • Private and safe local storage on micro SD card (included), no video storage fees
  • Follow clear installation instructions

Use live stream in the app, to view your property in real-time from any device, anytime, anywhere. Scroll through past footage and download your favourite videos.

Presence simply installs as an outdoor light. Its DIY installation is straightforward as the camera just replaces an existing outdoor light. Enjoy this security camera system with a powerful smart floodlight in no time. Watch the installation video below!

At night, either watch discreetly with Presence's infra-red night vision or switch the camera's floodlight on. The smart floodlight can be switched on manually in the app or set to switch on when it detects a person, car or animal - or for all three. It helps you find your way safely at night and deters any unwanted visitors.

Be in control of your home at all times with Netatmo Presence.

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