X10 LCD Bedside/Desktop Timer Controller


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The new MT12 is a new X10 bedside/desktop transmitter great for one touch control of your X10 receivers. It has a built-in timer enabling use as an alarm clock (with buzzer), the ability to schedule X10 control and can also automatically control your X10 receivers randomly to simulate occupancy whilst you're away.


How the MT12 X10 Timer Transmitter works

  • Control up to 8 different X10 lights and appliances.
  • Awake to bedroom lights turning on, then your bathroom followed by your kitchen.
  • Independent on/off timer control of four groups of X10 modules.
  • Left your lights on? A single press button turns all your lights off!
  • Here a noise? Turn on your lights with a single press of a button from your bedside
  • Can be used to trigger complicated sequences/macros with one button press
  • 230V a.c. /- 10%, 50Hz

With the new MT12 you get a powerful alarm clock and X10 digital timer in one! Control up to 8 different lights, appliances or macros that are connected through X10 Receiver Modules. Schedule lights and appliances to go on and off when you need or turn off your child’s radio or nightlight from your bedside! You can even turn on all lights on with the touch of a button if you hear a suspicious noise at night.

Image of Insteon X10 LCD Bedside/Desktop Timer Controller