WGL RF PC-Interface for X10


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The W800RF receives X10 RF signals generated from X10 RF devices and feeds them into a PC serial port for use with compatible software.


The W800RF PC transceiver receives X10 RF signals generated from X10 home control wireless products: Palm Pad remotes, key chain remotes, Hawkeye motion detectors, and many other X10 RF devices.

RF signals received by the W800RF are then fed directly into your computer via a serial port. This allows your computer to receive X10 RF commands directly, without any X10 signals being sent on the power line, thus minimizing signal clutter and improving response times by bypassing the usual power line delay.

To use the W800RF you will need a dedicated computer (PC or Mac) to interpret the received commands, and a software package that supports this device.

The W800RF receives:

  • All 256 X10 house/unit code addresses
  • All regular X10 RF commands (on, off, dim, bright, etc.)
  • Extended RF commands, such as those transmitted by X10's “Entertainment Anywhere” remotes and X10 security modules

Software Support

The W800RF is supported by all the major home automation software packages:

  • HomeSeer (Windows)
  • Indigo (Macintosh)
  • Xtension (Macintosh)
  • MisterHouse (Windows / Linux/ Macintosh OS X)
  • Home Control Assistant (Windows)
  • PowerHome (Windows)

To download the configuration software for the W800RF, click here.

Image of Insteon WGL RF PC-Interface for X10