X10 Socket Module - Screw


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Add DIY X10 control to your conventional overhead lights with the X10 screw fitting socket module receiver.


How the LM15 X10 Socket Module works

  • Remotely turn on/off standard household lights
  • As simple to install as changing a light bulb
  • The LM15 socket module receives X10 home control signals sent by home control transmitters and interfaces, including remote control
  • Bayonet socket module also available (LM15EB)

Having remote or automated control of 'wired-in' switch-operated lights such as ceiling and porch lights is as easy as changing a light bulb with the X10 socket module receiver. It's ideal for use with garage, attic, basement and porch lights.

Simply install the socket module as you would a light bulb and then install a light bulb into the socket module and that's it! You'll then have remote On/Off control (no dimming) from any X10 home control transmitter or interface, without running a single wire. The module even works with the All Lights On/Off command.

Technical Note: The socket module can handle bulbs up to 100W. Note that the existing wall switch will need to remain on for the socket module to function, if you'd prefer a hard-wired control option for your lights, including manual control see the LD11 and DAIX10 inline home control receivers.

Image of Insteon X10 Socket Module - Screw