5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender for Foxtel (RCA)

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Transmit Foxtel, Austar, DVD player or another RCA source-device wirelessly to another room in your home. IR extender enables remote control from the 2nd room.

  • Send your Foxtel, Austar or other RCA output to another room
  • 5.8GHz wireless technology works through walls
  • Ability to add extra receivers

5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender for Foxtel Austar Freeview

Send Foxtel, Austar or other signals to another room in your home

Our 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender (RCA) provides the ability to wirelessly transmit Audio/Video signals from a set-top box over to another room in your home. The AV Sender works with many different types of set-top boxes, including Foxtel, Austar, Tivo, Digital TV (Freeview), DVD players etc.

Save money by paying for extra set-top boxes or monthly subscription fees.

Watch what you want, when you want, where you want.

Note this AV Sender accepts red/white/yellow RCA or S-Video connections, so your device must feature an RCA or S-Video output. This AV Sender can't plug into the new Foxtel IQ3 box as this only has a HDMI output. You may use a HDMI AV sender instead.

Wireless transmission Superior range Directional antennae

Wireless transmission

Superior range

Directional antennae

Easy-to-install wireless transmission of audio/video signals to another room in your home - no cables to run.

Up to 60m line-of-sight wireless range (without obstacles). Sends through walls and floors (the more obstacles, the shorter the range).

180� directional antennae provide fine-tuning potential, maximising signal strength and performance.

Remote IR Extender Stereo Sound Expandable

Built-in IR extender

Stereo sound


Change channels and control your equipment from the 2nd room thanks to the built-in IR extender feature.

Wireless transmission of stereo sound, you may wish to connect the output from the wireless Receiver into an amplifier.

Purchase an additional wireless Receiver to expand your Foxtel or other AV signal to a 3rd, 4th or 99th room in your home.

How it works, using wireless Foxtel as an example:

How it works

Transmitter (Main Room)

Receiver (2nd Room)

How does it work? It's simple really! The Transmitter connects to the red/white/yellow AV output of your Foxtel box (it could be anything as long as it has AV outputs). The station that your Foxtel box is tuned to is sent wirelessly by the Transmitter to the Receiver - through walls and ceilings.

The Receiver, connected to a TV in the 2nd room, receives the AV signal sent by the Transmitter and displays it on the 2nd TV. Separately, the built-in IR extender feature enables you to use your source-device remote (eg Foxtel remote) to change the channel from the 2nd room, just as like you were in the 1st room.

What it works with...

The 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender (RCA) can transmit any A/V set-top box or device featuring standard red, white and yellow RCA connections. Including...
Foxtel, Austar, Freeview, DVD, Vast, Tivo and more...

Watch your Foxtel or Austar in another room and save money

Many people don't use a 2nd PayTV subscription to watch different channels at the same time - just to watch PayTV in an alternate location. If that's you, don't pay for an additional Foxtel box when you can easily use an AV Sender to transmit your signal wirelessly to a 2nd room - free from additional subscription charges.

As indicated in the table below, the savings quickly add up.

Foxtel vs Wireless AV Sender price comparison

Setup is as easy as...

Wireless Connection Wireless Connection Expandable

Connect the Transmitter

Connect the supplied RCA cable from the Transmitter to your AV device (eg Foxtel). Plug in the power, turn it on.

Connect the Receiver

Connect the supplied RCA cable from the Receiver to your receiving TV. Plug in the power, turn it on.

Sit back and enjoy

That's basically it! Now you can enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies or sports in any room in your home.

What's included...

Everything you need to start enjoying your favourite movies, TV shows and sports in another room is included in the box...

AV Sender - Transmitter AV Sender - Receiver IR Extender Cable
1 x Transmitter 1 x Receiver 1 x IR emitter
RCA Cables Power Adaptors User Guide
2 x RCA cables 2 x Power adaptors 1 x User guide

Satisfaction guaranteed

Rest assured that if you're not completely satisfied with your new 5.8GHz AV Sender from Envious Technology you can send it back under our money-back guarantee.

Need help selecting the right AV Sender?

We have a number of options available, including different connector types, transmission frequencies, resolution quality etc. For help in choosing the right model view our Wireless AV Sender selection/comparison page.

Optional Accessories for the 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender for Foxtel (RCA):

Extra Receiver for 5.8GHz AV Sender (RCA)

Add an extra receiver to the 5.8GHz AV Sender kit

SCART to RCA Adaptor

If your Foxtel box doesn't have spare RCA outputs, this SCART-RCA adaptor may provide the answer

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Image of Insteon 5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender for Foxtel (RCA)