Freestanding Double Monitor Stand

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Two screens are better than one, and the Freestanding Double Horizontal Stand is the perfect solution when you're ready to increase productivity or enhanced gaming experience it can provide.

  • Perfect for multi-screen workstations
  • Suitable for 12 to 24-inch LCD displays
  • Full rotation and 20-degree pan/tilt adjustment


Two screens are definitely better than one. A dual display setup not only increases productivity, it also makes some of the latest graphic-intensive games more exhilarating and widescreen videos appear more life-sized. That's why you'll want the Freestanding Double Horizontal Stand on your desk even as you shift from work time to break time.

Multi-display support

This mounting system fixes your two monitors on a horizontal pole. That way, you can either set two application windows side by side or share a single application window for a full panoramic view. This setup can bring out the best in games like Supreme Commander, World in Conflict, Burnout Paradise, or even World of Warcraft.

Ergonomic features

The two accompanying Quickshift Donut ball joints (view | go to) will enable you to individually rotate both monitors to arrive at either portrait or landscape modes. It will even allow you to adjust their viewing angles up to 40�. Using the same accessory, you can also slide each panel on the horizontal pole. Once you're done adjusting, the Quickshift Donuts can easily be locked into place without the aid of any tool.

Mounting specifications

The Freestanding Double Horizontal Stand is best suited for flat panel displays with sizes up to 24 inches (61 cm), weights up to 12kg, and mounting hole configuration patterns 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm. To accommodate a 200mm x 100mm pattern, you'll need the corresponding adaptor plate.

Slots are provided along the vertical and horizontal poles where you can tuck your cables to keep your workplace neat and tidy.

Installing and detaching your flat screen displays on the Freestanding Double Horizontal Stand is fast and easy. By using the built-in quick-release mechanism, your system can be all set and ready for action in no time.


  • Ideal for displays up to 24� (each display must not exceed 635mm (25") in width)
  • Holds two displays each up to 12kgs (26.5lbs) in weight
  • Supports 75x75mm, 100x100mm VESA mounting hole configuration
  • Integrated tension control for touch-screen compatibility

Range of movement:

  • Ball joint mechanism allows 20� of infinite display adjustment in any direction
  • Landscape to portrait rotation
  • Quick Shift donut mechanism for easy tool-less height adjustment


  • Quick & easy installation
  • Comes with all display mounting hardware
  • Quick release mechanism for easy display attachment/removal with a security feature
  • Small 422mm (16.61�) wide by 305mm (12") deep footprint
  • Provides a choice of internal and external cable management

Durable Design:

  • Material: Extruded anodized aluminium construction with a steel base
  • 10 year warranty
Image of Insteon Freestanding Double Monitor Stand