Quick-Shift Pole Mounting Bracket

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Further enhance the versatility of your flat screen pole mount with the Quick-Shift Donut Bracket. Install, detach, and change the direction of your LCD or LED display with remarkable ease.

  • Wide range of possible orientations
  • Quick Shift lever provides quick and easy adjustments
  • Suitable for poles with 42mm and 50mm diameter


The Quick-Shift Pole Mounting Bracket offers superior adaptability and can further enhance the versatility of your pole mount.

Ergonomic features

With pole-mounted LCD screens, you can easily change the direction and height of your flat screen TV. Plus you can install multiple screens, each pointing to its own direction, all on a single pole. Can there ever be a mounting system more versatile than that?

The Quick-Shift Donut Bracket can supplement those capabilities by allowing you to change not only your TV's height and direction, but also its orientation and viewing angle.

By using its Quick-Shift Lever, you can easily install, detach, and change the direction or height of your display without having to use any tool. Then its ball joint will allow you to change the orientation or viewing angle of your TV in which ever combination suits you best.

Possible orientations are landscape, portrait, and everything in between. Likewise, all viewing angles up to a maximum of 40 are also easily achieved.

Mounting specifications

Its innovative donut-shaped design is ideal for poles with 42mm or 50mm diameters. All flat screen displays with 75mm x 75mm or or 100mm x 100mm mounting hole configurations and weights of up to 12 kgs are easily supported.

Even 200mm x 100mm hole configurations can be accommodated if you add the corresponding adaptor plate.

Flexible mounting:

  • Designed for displays weighing up to 12kg (26.5lbs)
  • Supports both 42mm (1.65") and 50mm (2") poles

Enhanced positioning adjustment:

  • Can be attached at any angle on the pole
  • Quick shift operation allows for easy height and rotation adjustment

Enhanced viewing adjustment:

  • Integrated ball-joint mechanism with adjustable tension control
  • Allows full 360 screen rotation
  • Allows /-20 tilt adjustment
  • Allows /-20 pan adjustment


  • Quick & easy installation - Can be attached in seconds
  • Quick attachment head enables easy screen mounting and features a security screw to prevent unauthorised removal
  • Supports displays with standard VESA mounting hole configurations 75x75mm & 100x100mm
  • Supplied with installation guide and display mounting hardware

Durable Design:

  • Steel, aluminium and plastic construction with a matt black finish
  • 10 year warranty
Image of Insteon Quick-Shift Pole Mounting Bracket