Universal DIY Curtain Motor


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A curtain motor that opens and closes drapes. Simple to install and requires nothing more than the push of a button to operate. For automated control, an X10 Receiver is also required.

Our UCM curtain motor is a compact low voltage motor with adjustment dials so you can set the desired open and closed stop positions of your window covering.

When the motor's power is turned on it rotates the draw-string in one direction to open the curtains/drapes. The motor automatically switches off when it reaches the limit switch that you set. The next time power is applied the motor rotates in the opposite direction to close the curtains/drapes. The motor can be automated or controlled with a remote control by plugging the power adaptor into a suitable controller. We have a remote controlled option on our curtain motor bundle page.

Easy Installation: Includes mounting hardware and illustrated do-it-yourself installation manual. Automate your window covering in about 15 minutes. No need for a ladder. No electrician. No drilling.


Attach motor to existing chain loop. Chain connector can pass through motor without damage. Motor adjustment dials permit you to set two automatic stop positions: open, closed, in-between. If your chain does not have an existing loop, please call us and we will explain a simply option.


To traverse and rotate the same vertical blind requires two (2) Model 80 motors. Please note that a standard wall outlet has polarized plug receptacles and cannot accept two motors. A solution is to use your own extension cord and simply plug both motors into the cord outlets.


The UCM satisfies the guidelines to eliminate exposure to cord or chain loops. It meets guidelines for an affixed tamper resistant device to secure cords and chains in a taut position. A manual switch can be pressed to instantly stop the motor. Includes low voltage design (12-volts DC) with approved AC-DC Adapter.

The UCM has a special feature. When you are away from home overnight you can plug the motor into your own lamp timer switch. Your window covering will then automatically open each morning and close at night for a natural or secure look. It gives an "at-home" look that can enhance your home security. Some customers like this feature so much that they leave the motor plugged into their timer. This adds convenience, and automatic operation eliminates the daily chore of manually opening and closing the window covering. It can also dramatically reduce heating and air-conditioning bills, and prevent sun-fading of floors, carpets, furnishings.

  • One-way opening track with "wheel carriers": Maximum opening 3m.
  • One-way opening track with "sliding carriers": Maximum opening 2.4m.
  • Center-opening track with "wheel carriers": Maximum opening 3.6m.
  • Center-opening track with "sliding carriers": Maximum opening 3m.
  • Maximum fabric weight 16kg.

Optional Accessories for the Universal DIY Curtain Motor:

Drive Axle P/N 29008

Replacement drive axle for Model-80 curtain motor

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