Universal DIY Curtain Motor Bundle


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UCM curtain motor kit for opening/closing your drapes. Simple to install, this kit includes a remote control and power socket controller.

The UCM Bundle is a remote controlled motor for your curtains and drapes. Open or close your curtains at the click of a button on the included remote control. With a 30m RF range remote, you'll be able to open or close your blinds easily, even from another room.

Simply open the blinds or drapes all the way or stop them early to allow partial light through.

How it works

When the motor's power is turned on using the remote, it rotates the draw-string in one direction to open the curtains/drapes. The motor automatically switches off when it reaches the limit switch that you set. The next time you use the remote to turn on the power, the motor rotates in the opposite direction to close the curtains/drapes.

Easy Installation: Includes mounting hardware and illustrated do-it-yourself installation manual. Automate your window covering in about 15 minutes. No need for a ladder. No electrician. No drilling.

This is the simplest drapery motor design on the market. Incredibly easy for everyone to setup and use. This is a very compact unit and the white coloring gives a clean interior install appearance.

One year parts warranty.

The motor is also available individually on this page.

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