Remote Controlled Curtain Track (1.2 - 6m)

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Open curtains automatically or with the press of a button using our motorised remote control curtain track. Control is possible via IR remote control or keypad.

  • Guaranteed lowest price in Australia
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Easy DIY installation for windows 1.2 to 6.2m wide

Motorised curtains

You could open your curtains the old fashioned way...

Or you can replace your existing curtain track with our easy to install DIY Remote Control Curtain Track to open or close your window coverings from across the room or from anywhere in your home.

DIY Installation

Easy DIY installation

Easily mount to your ceiling or wall, suitable for new installations or to update your existing curtain track.

Windows up to 6m wide

Suits windows up to 6m wide

This variable width remote controlled curtain track is suitable for windows between 1.2 and 6.2m wide.

Windows up to 6m wide

Left, centre or right opening

The remote control drapery track will operate on centre, left or right opening curtains and drapes.

DIY Installation

Remote control operation

Remote control operation of up to eight different tracks. With a 13 metre range, you'll be able to automate every drape in your home.

Windows up to 6m wide

Heavy duty motor

Use any window coverings with the remote control drapery track. Its quiet motor will control 25kg of fabric, even velvet home theatre curtains.

Windows up to 6m wide

Manual control

Built-in clutch release allows your drapes to be opened or closed manually in the event of a power failure or the remote is not handy.

Motorised curtains and drape track

Using either the IR remote control or the wired keypad, open the drapes on the track to your desired position with the simple push of a button. The remote control curtain track stops automatically when it's fully opened or closed, but it can also be stopped at any intermediate position to help create the perfect ambience to suit your mood.

The IR remote control operates up to eight different tracks and has a 13 metre range, so you'll be able to use it to open and close every drape in your home.

Configuration options

This remote control curtain and drapery track system can easily be adjusted to suit the width of your window from 1.2m to 6.2m wide. It's also flexible in its placement, easily installed on your ceiling or wall and works in the following configurations:

Left opening
Left opening
Right opening
Right opening
Centre opening
Centre opening

* 2 x Kits required


  • "One-cut" installation, cut the final piece of track to fit your window width
  • Automatic stops at full open and closed positions
  • Included IR remote control can be used for up to 8 tracks
  • Built-in clutch permits drapery to be opened and closed manually
  • Wired controller for convenience when the remote control is not handy
  • Powerful motor with a load rating of 25kg
  • GS, BS, CE and UL approvals
  • 1-year warranty

What's included

  • 6 x separate 1m lengths of curtain drapery track
  • All required connectors and wall-mounting brackets
  • 60 x curtain roller runners
  • Curtain motor, bracket and drive cable
  • Tensioning wrench
  • Overlap arm
  • End bracket
  • Power supply
  • Wired keypad controller
  • IR remote sensor cable
  • Wireless IR remote, including battery
  • Installation instructions

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