Additional Sensor for WS0412 Monitor


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Additional temperature/humidity sensor for the WS0412 B/W weather station

  • Add an extra sensor to your WS0412 weather station
  • The system can accept up to 3 sensors in total
  • Up to 30m sensor range lets you monitor your entire home

This sensor allows you to add-on to your existing WS0412 weather station, expanding it to monitor additional rooms. Monitor your pantry, roof space, garage, etc. and let high/low alarms for temperature and humidity according to your needs.

The WS0412 black & white monitor can accept up to 3 sensors in total. It features a 30m wireless sensor range enabling you to monitor your entire home.

Optional Accessories for the Additional Sensor for WS0412 Monitor:

Black/White Temperature/Humidity Monitor

Quick and accurate view of temperature/humidity with a modern upright display (black & white).

Image of Insteon Additional Sensor for WS0412 Monitor