Marmitek StereoControl IR Extender for AV


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The Stereo Control lets you hide your AV equipment in a cupboard but still use your remote controls!

  • Hide your AV Equipment out of sight
  • Keep your Foxtel box and Amplifier behind closed doors
  • Still control your equipment using the original remotes


The Stereo Control IR extender lets you hide your A/V equipment inside a cabinet or wall unit and still control your system without opening the cabinet doors. You can still use your original remote controls, all functions and keys on your remote controls remain the same.

How it works

Simply put the infrared receiver outside the closet, on the top or to the side. A thin wire with dual Infra-Red (IR) emitters is fed inside the cabinet and attached to the shelves or directly onto the IR receiver of the equipment, and that's it! Dual IR emitters means that you can connect more than one device to your stereo controller.

A 9V battery powers the unit (not included) . To prolong battery life the unit goes into sleep–mode when the remote hasn’t been used for 4 hours.

Measuring 9 x 8 x 3cm, the stereo controller can sit discreetly and unobtrusively on display. The IR emitters are on a cord measuring approximately 2.8m in length, giving you plenty of room to move.

Image of Insteon Marmitek StereoControl IR Extender for AV