Electronic Access Control Door Strike


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The first step in Automating your doors is with the electronic door strike. Operates on 12V power.


Unlock your door automatically when your garage door is opened, via the push of a button or remote control, or from any other component of your home control system!

Designed for use with cylindrical door locks (commonly used on swinging doors), this product replaces the strike in the door frame therefore converting your lock set into one with electronic access control. The benefits include higher security and user convenience as you don't need to fumble for keys.

The electronic door strike is "fail-safe", meaning that the door strike is locked when no power is applied to it and unlocked when there is. Therefore, your doors won't all be open when the power goes out! Note that as it is the door strike in the frame that is electronically unlocked, you can still still open the door conventionally from the inside or outside. The electronic door strike suits entrance door installation.

The door strike can be controlled by the following products available from Envious Technology:

  • SKP10 Self contained security keypad
  • UM7206 Universal Module (in conjunction with any X10 home control transmitter)
Image of Insteon Electronic Access Control Door Strike