Extra Receiver for Powermid Pro


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Additional wireless Receiver (IR Emitter) for the ebode Powermid Pro so you can easily expand your wireless IR control to additional locations.

  • ebode Powermid Pro - Wireless Receiver - IR Emitter
  • Superior wireless range between 40 to 100 meters
  • Featuring proprietary ebode eIR2x technology

This is an additional wireless receiver (IR-emitter) for the ebode Powermid Pro kit, allowing you to expand wireless IR control system to additional locations.

Control any remote controlled device such as Foxtel / Austar box, satellite receiver, DVD, VCR or HiFi from any room in your home - using your existing remote control - through walls, ceilings or cabinet doors.

How it works

How the ebode Powermid Pro works

Good things come in small packages

The ebode Powermid Professional is the smallest IR extender currently available anywhere in the world.

Both the Transmitter and Receiver units each measure a tiny 55 x 45 x 40mm.

Small... but powerful. The wireless range is between 40-100 meters. This means you will be able to easily control your equipment from any room in your home.


Wide-band (30-60kHz) infra-red compatibility means devices that use higher IR frequencies are supported, including Foxtel/Austar and high-end audio visual equipment.


The ebode Powermid Pro features proprietary eIR2x (pronounced "irex") technology which guarantees a high level of immunity from infra-red noise caused by direct sunlight, CFL lighting and flat panel TV's (including Plasma, LCD and LED).

Two year replacement warranty.

What's included

  • 1 x ebode Powermid Pro Receiver
  • 1 x Compact Switchmode Power Adaptor
  • 1 x Easy to follow User Guide

Optional Accessories for the Extra Receiver for Powermid Pro:

6-in-1 IR/RF Universal Remote Control

Easy to use universal remote control for up to 6 Audio/Video appliances. This version of the ebode TAKE6 also includes wireless RF so it can even work through walls.

Image of Insteon Extra Receiver for Powermid Pro