Universal Projector Mount

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This Telehook telescopic projector mount securely supports your projector on a pole and can be extended up to 900mm. The rotation of 360 degrees gives you unparalleled versatility.

  • Supports projectors up to 15 kg in weight
  • Quick release design for easy mounting
  • Supports internal cable management


The Telehook Universal Projector Mount, which can secure your projector on a pole and can be extended up to 900mm, is the perfect addition your home theatre or office.

By mounting your projector on the ceiling, you can perfectly adjust the height and position of your projector for the optimal performance. It also frees your floors of hazardous cables. The Telehook Telehook Universal Projector Mount can support up to 15 kg. That means, it can hold about 95% of the projectors out there.

Once you've set the ceiling mount and fully adjustable telescopic support in place, its quick release mechanism will enable you to install or remove almost any projector. Four (4) sets of extension brackets with different lengths are also included for a wider range of installation configurations.

With its maximum pitch adjustment of /- 20�; maximum roll adjustment of /- 20�; and a full 360� rotation, the Telehook Universal Projector Mount will allow you to point your projector to a wide range of directions and heights. That means, you can position your screen in the best location in your room and adjust the Telehook Universal Projector Mount accordingly.

Flexible mounting:

  • Designed for projectors up to 15kg (33lbs)
  • Pole mounting with telescopic height adjustment from 400mm (15.75") to 900mm (35.5")
  • Supports flat and angled ceilings with up to 45� rake
  • Supports internal cable management

Enhanced projection adjustment:

  • Full 360� yaw/ rotation adjustment around the pole
  • /-20� roll / sway adjustment
  • /-20� pitch/ tilt adjustment

Detachable display head:

  • Quick-Attachment design for easy mounting and replacement
  • Security pin with locking screw provides enhanced theft resistance


  • Quick & easy installation
  • Supports projectors with mounting hole patterns from 130mm (4.6") to 400mm (14.9") wide
  • Shipped with installation guide and mounting hardware for projector and ceiling attachment

Durable Design:

  • Steel construction with toughened powdercoat finish
  • 10 year warranty
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