Triple IR Emitter Cable


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Designed to ensure you have the highest level of infrared signal transmission, connects to IR output jacks on various equipment and has three separate blinking emitters.


Used with the Powermid Receiver, Ocelot, Leopard, PowermidXL and PowermidXL dual power to enable them to feed Infra-Red (IR) signals directly into Audio/Video (A/V) equipment. The triple IR emitter has three stick on elements which simply adhere on to the IR sensor window of your A/V equipment, perfect for when you'd like to keep your A/V equipment in a cabinet or wall unit.

Designed to ensure you have the highest level of IR signal transmission accuracy. Can be configured to prevent external IR signals interfering with the desired signal or to allow external IR signals through so that a hand held remote can still be used.

The triple IR emitter comes with a 1.5m lead and 3.5mm plug jack.

Image of Insteon Triple IR Emitter Cable