X10 In-Wall Relay Module (on/off)


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The AW12 is a tiny X10 Receiver, responding to signals sent from a Interfaces or Transmitters. Controls one fixed on/off appliance.


How the AW12 X10 Inline Relay Receiver works

The AW12 micro-module can be mounted behind any conventional wall switch, even most designer switches. It's an X10 home control receiver that can be controlled by any of our home control transmitters, interfaces or remote controls. Allowing you to automate your on/off lights and other inline appliances, the AW12 can also be controlled manually through either a conventional or momentary action wall switch.

The AW12 responds to the standard X10 commands like "On", "Off", "All Units Off", "All Lights Off" sent from any X10 transmitter set to the same House Code. The X10 address of the AW12 is set electronically, using any X10 compatible transmitter. There is an E²PROM memory that stores the address, meaning that even when the power is cut the module will retain its settings.

Technical Data

  • Supply voltage: 230 V 10% -15% 50 Hz
  • Quiescent current : < 20 mA capacitive
  • Switching capacity: 2000W incandescent lamp, 3A motors, 16A resistive loads

Connections: screw type terminals for phase, neutral and switched phase, flying leads for connection to manual switch

Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 17 mm

Image of Insteon X10 In-Wall Relay Module (on/off)