TV-Monitor Ceiling Mount - Long

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Keep your ceiling-mounted LCD TV steady and secure with this ceiling mount. Its 900-1800mm telescopic pole allows positioning your TV at different heights while suspended from high ceilings.

  • Mounts an LCD display from a high ceiling
  • Adjustable pole length, from 900mm to 1800mm
  • Comes with advanced cable management

Hanging a flat panel TV from a high ceiling can make it vulnerable to vibrations. That's why you need a secure mounting system like this TV/monitor ceiling mount. It's engineered to safely hold weights of up to 25kg.

This mounting system can free up lots of floor space and eliminate the hazards associated with cables lying on the floor.

Ergonomic features

The 900-1800mm telescopic pole, which is ideal for high ceilings, can provide a wide range of height adjustments. That means, you can easily adjust the height of your TV to the most suitable eye level.

The accompanying ball joint mechanism endows your monitor with additional adjustable features such as:

  • pan and tilt adjustments of up to 20� - By setting it to the most convenient viewing angle, your viewers can be free from neck pains and back aches.
  • 360� rotation about the pole - With this feature, the direction of your TV can easily be made to adapt to the audience's position in the room.
  • rotational adjustments for multiple orientation options including landscape and portrait modes

Mounting specifications

This ceiling mount can support a wide range of TVs with up to a maximum weight of 25kg.

Once the mounting system is installed to the ceiling, your panel can easily be attached or removed using this device's built-in quick release mechanism.

All the necessary hardware needed for installation are already included in the package.

This ceiling mount already comes with a cable management system to put your cables out of the way and out of sight.

Flexible mounting:

  • Designed for screens 17" (43.2cm) or larger
  • Supports 1 (or optionally 2) displays, each weighing up to 25kg (55lbs)
  • Telescopic adjustment from 1050mm up to 1900mm
  • Ships with a cover plate to hide ceiling mounting points
  • Features integrated cable management with dual cable exit points
  • Designed for flat ceilings with optional raked ceiling support

Enhanced viewing adjustment:

  • Donut style mounting with tension adjustment
  • Portrait to Landscape display rotation
  • Allows /-20� pan and tilt with user adjustment
  • Allows 360� screen rotation with user adjustment
  • Allows 360� rotation around the pole with position set during installation

Detachable display head:

  • Quick-Attachment mechanism enables easy display mounting and replacement
  • Security screw provides enhanced theft resistance


  • Quick & easy installation
  • Supports displays with standard VESA mounting hole configurations (WxH mm)75x75, 100x100, 200x100, 200x200
  • Shipped with installation guide and mounting hardware for cement and timber stud attachment

Durable Design:

  • Steel and aluminium construction with toughened matt powdercoat finish
  • 10 year warranty

Optional Accessories for the TV-Monitor Ceiling Mount - Long:

Raked Ceiling Mounting Kit for TH-1040

Raked ceiling mounting kit for the Telehook 1040, required for installation on angled ceilings

2nd Monitor Bracket for TH-1040

The Telehook TH-1040-CT-DV is an accessory kit that enables attachment of the second screen to the TH-1040-CTS/CTL.

Back-To-Back Mount for TH-1040

Back to back mounting bracket for the TH-1040-CTS and TH-1040-CTL

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