X10 Advanced In-Wall 10A Relay Module


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A small X10-ADVanced micro-module receiver. It receives commands sent from your X10 home control interfaces or transmitters and switches a connected appliance or on/off lighting.


The SAIX12 is an advanced X10 receiver micro-module with a built in signal transmitter. It can be mounted behind light switches (momentary or continuous), or fitted behind power points. By fitting a SAIX12 module behind a switch, lights and devices can be operated via your X10 home control system.


  • 240V, 10A, suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Can control two consecutive X10 addresses
  • Can be included in group commands
  • Automatic status response is possible
  • Status is retained after a blackout (if required)
  • Can be used to automate power points


The wires of the SAIX12 module are connected to either a continuous or momentary switch, making it possible to operate the load both via the automation system and manually. The SAIX12 as a receiver has one relay providing the ability to control one load. However, two switches can be wired into the SAIX12 therefore as a transmitter the first switch will transmit an X10 signal as well as control the built in relay. When the second switch is operated, the SAIX12 will send out an X10 signal to control other receivers and interfaces elsewhere in the installation, or for triggering a sequences and moods (in conjunction with a programmable interface).

The SAIX12 can be controlled manually, as well as by X10 signals originating from other X10/X10-ADVanced transmitters, interfaces and remote controls.

Technical note: Active and neutral wires are required for the SAIX12


The SAIX12 address and optional features can be programmed by any X10 transmitter or interface. It can also be programmed by the special AT004 programmer/test receiver.

Image of Insteon X10 Advanced In-Wall 10A Relay Module