Cable Manager and Component Stand

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It's amazing what a cable-free facade can do to your home theatre's ambiance. Get rid of those cables and enhance your viewing atmosphere with the Cable Manager.

  • Hides power and data cables in a stylish ultra-thin casing
  • Separate cable bays reduces electromagnetic interference
  • Spacious compartment houses up to 10 power/AV cables


Cable management

Unsightly cables can dampen your mood even before you start playing your movie. But with the Cable Manager, your home theatre can become the most relaxing room in your house.

The Cable Manager conceals all those distracting cables in a stylish ultra-thin casing to get rid of the visual clutter. Its spacious interior can accommodate up to 10 Hi-Fi/speaker/power cables.

Cables are stored in separate bays. By isolating power cables from the data cables, the chances of getting electromagnetic interference, which can disrupt audio/video signals, is substantially reduced.


Made from sturdy extruded aluminum and coated with a durable powder finish, this casing will keep your cables safe and secure.

Although the Cable Manager sports a silver finish, it can be painted to blend with most interiors. When needed, you can even cut a portion from its original 1.1m length to make it fit nicely on your wall.

This item should only be used in conjunction with the Cable Manager Shelf Set (see optional accessories below). Each shelf in the set can easily be moved up and down the length of the Cable Manager to arrive at the desired configuration. A maximum of four (4) shelves can fit on one Cable Manager.

Flexible mounting:

  • Designed for use with wall mounted flat screen displays
  • Holds up to ten (10) A/V / communications/ power cables
  • Only 28mm (1") deep for a flush finish
  • Main unit is 1m (39.4") long x 116mm (4.6") wide
  • Supplied with two end caps each 98mm (3.9") long

Durable Design:

  • High quality aluminium and plastic construction
  • 10 year warranty

Enhanced mounting capability:

  • Holds up to 4 shelves (available separately)
  • Each shelf holds up to 20kg (44lbs)
  • Shelves are infinately adjustable along the length of the unit

Easy to Install:

  • Designed for user installation
  • Compatible with most wall types
  • Aluminium main body can be cut down and/or painted if required
  • Shipped with installation guide and mounting hardware for cement and timber and plasterboard attachment
Image of Insteon Cable Manager and Component Stand