X10 Inline Dimmer Module (DIN Mounted)


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DIN rail mounted X-10 Receiver module that can add automation to fixed incandescent and low-voltage lighting.


How the LD11 X10 Inline Dimmer works

The LD11 DIN dimmer is a home control receiver module designed to switch and dim hard´┐Żwired lights.

Receiving X10 commands sent from X10 transmitters, the LD11 enables automation control of your lights. It can also be switched manually by wiring a momentary action switch to the input terminals. The momentary switches give you control of the dim level and also make it possible to control the LD11 with many switches connected in parallel. See below in the 'optional extras' section to purchase momentary switch mechanisms.

The LD11 may be wired inside a DIN rail enclosure in the switchboard, or can be installed in a suitable enclosure located in the roof space above the light to be controlled.

Controls up to 700W, dimmable incandescent lights or halogen lights only.

Image of Insteon X10 Inline Dimmer Module (DIN Mounted)