X10 Inline Relay Module (DIN Mounted)


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Inline X10 Receiver module that can add automation to your fixed on/off appliances, requires professional installation.


How the AD10 X10 Relay Receiver works

The AD10 is a DIN-rail-mountable X10 receiver that allows you to switch on/off hard´┐Żwired devices using X10 transmitters.

Control fluorescent lighting, pumps, fans, and other on/off devices that you would like to be able to control using your X10 automation system. The AD10 features a manual control input for connection to a continuous or momentary switch mechanism. Connecting momentary (spring-loaded) switches lets you wire multiple switches in parallel, making it easy to implement 2-way (or more) switching.

The AD10 may be wired inside a DIN rail enclosure in the switchboard (connects similar to a standard breaker fuse). It could also be installed by your electrician in a suitable enclosure at a more convenient location.

Controls up to 16A resistive loads, 3A motors and 2000W lamps. The AD10 can be switched on/off using X10 regardless of whether it was previously switched off using a manual switch.

Image of Insteon X10 Inline Relay Module (DIN Mounted)