Eaton Advanced In-Wall Dimmer Module


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The DAIX12 is a dimming actuator for installation behind retractive switches and wall sockets or in distribution boxes. It is suitable for remote or on-site operation of lighting. It can also re-broadcast any home automation commands it receives.


How the DAIX12 X10 Inline Dimmer works

The DAIX12 is a micro-module that allows you to control your lights using on, off, bright and dim commands. It also re-broadcasts any home automation commands it receives, allowing for greater reliability and functionality in your home automation system.


  • One user-definable address (free programmable address) A1-P16
  • Suitable for use with retractive switches
  • Can be used as an actuator for placing behind wall sockets (insulating connecting wires)

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated voltage: Australian 230Vac, 50 Hz
  • Output: 250 W incandescent or 230Vac halogen bulbs, 200 VA Halogen lighting with wound transformer, 250 VA Halogen lighting with leading edge electronic transformer
  • Cartridge fuse: Radial lead micro fuse, 1.6 AT, according to IEC 60127-3, standard sheet 4
  • Current consumption: < 30 mA capacitive
  • Signal transmission: > 5 Vpp in 5 O at 120 kHz in accordance with EN 50065-1, EN 50065-2-1, EN 50065-4-1
  • Transmission synchronization: 1 pulse burst at 0�/180�
  • Signal sensitivity: 25 mVpp�6 Vpp at 120 kHz � 4 kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio: 1,35 : 1
  • Connection range: up to 2.5 mm2, tightening torque 0.5 Nm
  • Minimum ambient temperature: 0�C
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40�C
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86 pkA - 106 pkA
  • Relative humidity (non condensing): 30 to 90%
Image of Insteon Eaton Advanced In-Wall Dimmer Module