Plug-In Appliance Power Meter


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This intelligent power meter gives you a real time readout of how much power any plug-in appliance within your home is using.


Want to make a difference to the environment? A good place to start is by knowing and understanding the power consumption of products within your home. Simply plug this intelligent power meter into a normal power point (GPO), then plug any appliance into the socket on the front and you have a real-time power monitoring system that displays how much power the appliance is using.

You can even enter the local price of your electricity and the meter will tell you exactly how much the appliance is costing to run. In addition, the power meter tracks the power used and can display the instantaneous voltage or current being drawn as well as the peak levels that have been drawn.

The meter has backup batteries so it will not lose the stored data during a blackout or moving from point to point. Simple to install and a valuable tool for monitoring you power consumption.

Image of Insteon Plug-In Appliance Power Meter