RAIN8II 8-Zone X10 Irrigation Controller

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The Rain8 is an 8 zone irrigation controller that can be controlled with X-10 Interfaces and Transmitters. This 2-way model can report status back to the controller for extra reliability.


How the Rain8II X10 Irrigation Controller works

The Rain8II is a high featured, 8-zone irrigation controller that may be networked together to provide a maximum of 256 independent zones. A must for automating lawn and garden bed sprinkler systems. Using X10 home control transmitters you can control your sprinkler system in the same way you can control your lights and appliances - with remote control, touch screen control, computer control, even over the internet!

The Rain8II can be configured by directly connecting it to a computer via the serial port. Note: The device doesn't require a computer once configured.

How it Works:

To configure the Rain8II you connect it to your computer (Windows or Mac) and run the configuration utility application. This allows you to define the X10 addresses for each zone and set the operational mode. For maximum flexibility, once programmed you can run the Rain8 in two different operational modes:

With this 2-way model, you can determine which irrigation zones are on and which are off. Designed for use with X10-compatible computer interfaces and other devices that can generate the X10 Status Request command. In addition to giving you the power to poll irrigation zones to determine their on/off status, it also allows your computer to send a command to the module then check to see if the command was carried out. If not, the computer can automatically send the command again.

Other differences between the two-way (Rain8II) and the one-way Rain8:

  • There are no limitations on the number of zones that may be active at one time.
  • Default run timers can be disabled if desired.
  • Responds the X10 "All Units Off" command.
  • Manual mode only, does not have the auto mode capability of the one-way Rain8.

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Requirements and Specs:

The Rain8II irrigation controller does not directly receive X10 home control signals itself - it requires an XM10 power line interface.

A 24V a.c. power adaptor is also required (see our Home Control > Accessories category). We do not include this with the product as your installer may choose a dedicated 24V supply instead of the power adaptor.


To download the configuration software for the Rain8II Irrigation controller, click here.

Image of Insteon RAIN8II 8-Zone X10 Irrigation Controller