Reed Switch/Magnet Assembly


  • Code: REE070
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Reed switch/magnet assembly for sensing the opening of doors, windows, lids etc.


The REE070 reed switch/magnet assembly works as a dry-contact switch. When the included magnetic component is next to the switch component then the switch is closed. As the magnet is moved away then the switch opens. Place onto doors and windows to detect when they open or close.

This product can be connected to our SM10 interface module, allowing you to transmit an X10 command when a door, window, lid etc is opened. The SM10 can then transmit signals to turn on lights, sound a warning tone, or other desired reaction.

Simple to install, this device can be configured so that the reed switch either opens or closes when the magnet is in contact.

The reed switch can also be used in conjunction with our SECU16, SECU16I and BOBCON modules.

Image of Insteon Reed Switch/Magnet Assembly