Toro 25mm Solenoid for Sprinkler Systems


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Solenoid valves are the 'electric taps' that allows your irrigation controller (such as our Rain8 controller) to turn on and off the water to your irrigation system.


The solenoid valve has two wires which are connected into your irrigation controller (eg. our Rain8 controller). You will require one solenoid valve per zone of your irrigation system (our Rain8 system gives you up to 8 zones of operation).

This Toro brand solenoid provides exceptional value and high-quality. Easy to install and service, Toro has proven reliability and performance. After several problems with cheaper 'toy' solenoids in the past, we no longer carry anything else.

Contact us if you would like to organise installation of your automated irrigation system.

Image of Insteon Toro 25mm Solenoid for Sprinkler Systems