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The Wireless Thermostat activates INSTEON responders and scenes by temperature change, mode change, humidity change etc. Also provides for additional zones when used with the INSTEON Thermostat.

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You can link up to two Wireless Zone Thermostats to an INSTEON Thermostat, allowing you to control the HVAC system from anywhere in the house. When linked to an INSTEON Thermostat, the INSTEON Wireless Thermostat can serve as the master thermostat over the HVAC system; just press and hold the Master button, wait for the beep and release. When "Master" appears below the large temperature display, your Wireless Thermostat is now the primary thermostat.

Add temperature control to any room

Place a thermostat anywhere you want with the INSTEON Wireless Thermostat linked to your INSTEON Thermostat. Put it in the master bedroom, in the kitchen, in the guest room - anywhere you want room-specific, customized temperature control. You can add up to two INSTEON Wireless Thermostats to your INSTEON Thermostat.

Additionally, you can use the INSTEON Wireless Thermostat as a standalone controller, activating scenes to turn on heaters and fans based on the room's temperature and/or humidity status.

The INSTEON Wireless Zone Thermostat also works like a standard thermostat with local control, four automatic modes and 1-day programmable settings.

In addition to remote control, program the thermostat as an INSTEON controller to activate other appliances in your home based on temperature, humidity or mode changes. Here are just a few of the limitless scenarios:

  • When the A/C kicks in, turn on your ceiling fans to help cool down your home faster and more efficiently
  • If the humidity level climbs too high, turn on a dehumidifier with an INSTEON Appliance module
  • Program a daily "Return" mode that turns on your A/C and switches on your outside lights so you come home to a safe, relaxing and comfortable home
  • Set-up custom heating and cooling routines for individual days, weekdays, weekends morning or night

The INSTEON Wireless Zone Thermostat features a bright blue LED backlight for easy programming. By default, the backlight turns on when a button is pressed and turns off 10 seconds after button is released-this helps to conserve Wireless Thermostat's battery life. You can change this setting to 60 seconds, always on or always off.


Product Name: INSTEON Wireless Thermostat
Product Code: 2732-532
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
In the box: INSTEON Wireless Thermostat


Powerline Mesh Repeater: No, uses battery power
RF Mesh Repeater: Yes, with DC power adapter (sold separately)
INSTEON Controller: Yes
INSTEON Responder: No
Maximum Links/Scenes: 400
LED: Dual-color red/green, blinks during setup
Local Control: No
Commands Supported as Controller: On / Off
Commands Supported as Responder: N/A
Software configurable: Yes
RF Range: Up to 50 meters open air


Mounting: Wall mount or tabletop stand
Wire Connections: N/A
Set Button: 1
Casing: UV stabalized plastic (INSTEON White)
Beeper: Yes
Beep on Button Press: Optional (off by default)
Operating Conditions: Indoors, 0� C to 40� F, up to 90% relative humidity
Dimensions: 145mm W x 87mm H x 28mm D
Weight: 249g


Supply Voltage: 2 AA batteries (included) or 5VDC adapter (sold separately)
Retains All Settings Without Power: Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
Standby power consumption: 22 micro-Amps
Certification: Approved for use in Australia and New Zealand

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Replaces an existing wired thermostat to enable control of heating and cooling from an INSTEON system. Doubles as an INSTEON controller, allowing INSTEON responders to act upon temperature changes, mode changes, humidity changes etc.

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