Insteon Mini Remote (4-Scene)


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The RemoteLinc2 4-button remote control operates INSTEON scenes and responders. Optional mounting accessories also available.

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  • Wireless remote control for INSTEON lights & devices
  • Elegant design and super-easy setup
  • Battery operated - requires no power or communication wiring

Insteon Controller
Rechargeable Battery
Plug and Play

The Mini Remote (4-Scene) is an easy-to-use remote that allows you to control INSTEON dimmers, switches and plug-in or receptacle dimmers. Now you can raise and lower light levels and program scenes for multiple lights and appliances from anywhere. Mount it to the wall to create a traditional switch in the perfect location - without having to rewire (wall mount bracket and wallplate sold separately). You can also make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table by attaching it to a tabletop stand (sold separately); turn on your house lights from the car by attaching it to a visor clip (sold separately); or even use it as a lightweight handheld remote. The Mini Remote is ultra-easy to install and operate, giving you the most flexibility for a truly smart home with INSTEON.

How it works

Each key is divided into two scene controls (left hand side is one scene, right hand side is another). Tapping the scene controller toggles between ON and OFF. Pressing and holding the scene controller will send BRIGHT or DIM commands depending upon the previous command (e.g., Last command ON, press and hold DIM. Last command OFF, press and hold BRIGHT). The LED status indicator blinks green for ON commands and red for OFF commands. The LED indicator will also let you know if a device did not acknowledge the command. Other handy features include:

  • Power switch for disabling buttons ("vacation" or "pocket" mode)
  • Stuck Button Mode - saves battery life by going to sleep if button stuck down
  • Built-in battery charge LED indicator
  • Rechargeable

The INSTEON Mini Remote is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery. Based on average usage, expected battery life between charges is 9-12 months. Recharge using any standard USB Type A to Micro-B cable.


Product Name: INSTEON Mini Remote (4-Scene)
Product Code: 2342-532
Regions: Australia and New Zealand
In the box: INSTEON Mini Remote (4-Scene)


Scenes: 8 (default), configurable to 4
Scene Configurations: 8 Toggle (default), 8 Always On or 4 On/Off
INSTEON Links: 400
Scene Commands Supported: On /�Off, Fast on / Fast off, Begin brighten / End brighten, Begin dim / End dim
Frequency RF: 921MHz ISM Band
RF Range: 45m +
Software Configurable: Yes


LED Type: Two-color: Green and Red
LED During Use: Green Flash Once (On, Bright, Fast On), Red Flash once (Off, Dim, Fast Off), Red Blink for ~3 Seconds (Scene Acknowledge Missing)
Setup Memory: Non-volatile EEPROM


Casing: UV stabalized plastic (INSTEON White)
Operating Conditions: Indoors / Outdoors, 0� C to 48� F, up to 85% relative humidity
Dimensions: 33mm W x 66mm H x 10mm D
Weight: 23g


Power: 3.7 VDC Lithium Polymer, Rechargeable, non-replaceable
Battery Charge Hold Duration: 9-12 months based on average 16 button presses per day (will decrease over time)
Battery Recharging Cycles: >500
Recharging Jack: Standard, Micro-USB, 5VDC
Recharging Time: 1 hour
Certification: Approved for use in Australia and New Zealand

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Mount two INSTEON Mini Remotes on one elegant wall switch. Includes dual face-plate and two brackets.

Mini Remote Accessory Kit

The Mini-Remote accessory kit includes an in-car visor clip as well as a table-top stand.

Mini Remote Charging Cable

USB charging cable for your INSTEON Mini Remote

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