We think you'll love INSTEON. It's one of the most popular and best-selling home automation technologies in the world.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand, INSTEON adds remote control and automation to lights, appliances and electrical devices of all types. It can be installed easily into new and existing properties, enhancing your lifestyle and allowing you to extract the full potential and efficiency from your home. INSTEON is home automation like it should be: reliable, responsive, unobtrusive, cost-effective and simple to install.

With INSTEON, your lights, appliances, heater, air-con and other electrical devices can operate together to make your home a smart home. You can control your home via the Internet or your smartphone app as well. Trigger scenes and devices via remote control, motion-detection, temperature & the opening of a door/window, or really delve into home automation with fully automated routines.

Whether you're starting small or thinking big, the applications for INSTEON are limited only by your imagination.

And we can help you with that.

For new homes and old

No dedicated cabling means INSTEON can be installed with minimal disruption and cost


Start with a simple application and expand module-by-module to a fully integrated home

Plug & play installation

Simple setup with pre-configured modules providing for quick installation.

Mesh communication

Every device is a repeater, resulting in a strong interlocked network

Secure and capable

With over 1 million address combinations, INSTEON is both secure and capable

Energy efficient

With an intelligent smart home you can control and manage your energy usage

What is home automation?

Home automation is a term commonly used for the provision of intelligent or convenient control of your home's lights and electrical devices. Also called smart home technology or sometimes 'domotics', a home automation system provides superior comfort, convenience, security and energy savings through intelligent control of lighting and electrical devices.

An INSTEON smart home system provides intelligent, convenient and automated operation of lights and electrical devices throughout your home. You can start small, perhaps by installing a single motion sensor to control the front porch light, or set-up the internet hub to turn on the air-con using your smartphone. With no hard-wiring, it's simple to expand your INSTEON system at any time by integrating more and more lights and devices, or adding new devices for interacting with your home.

INSTEON is flexible, reliable and simple to install. Enhance your lifestyle by taking control of your home's electrical system and be rewarded with greater convenience, security and energy-savings.