1080p WiFi IP Camera with Alarm


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This surveillance camera can work stand-alone to record audio and video in 1080p high-definition

  • Record audio and video in 1080p HD
  • Additional sensors available to trigger camera
  • Footage can be sent to your smartphone

This surveillance camera can work stand-alone to record audio and video in 1080p high-definition, or expanded with sensors (sold separately) to turn it into a security system. It features a magnetic base to quickly adhere to any metal surface and Wi-Fi connectivity for easy installation. Plug in your microSD card (up to 128GB) and it�s a full recording system that you can leave perpetually recording, or set to motion-detection mode. Once the built-in PIR detects movement, or connected wireless PIR, reed or panic switch is triggered, the camera will send 30-seconds of audio and video to your Smartphone!

The free Android & iOS� app provides flexible control and monitoring. What�s more is the provision of 2-way audio communication, meaning you can talk to the intruder �you are being watched!�, or use it more like a doorphone for less sinister visitors �sorry, I�m not home right now�. Infrared LEDs mean it works in just about any lighting conditions too. Setup and configuration is easy, and there�s Windows software provided if you prefer to access via a computer.


  • Supports additional security sensors
  • PIR Motion Detection & Manual Recording
  • microSD Card & Smartphone Recording
  • Video snippet with alert to your Smartphone
  • Free Android & iOS� Smartphone App
  • Internal Microphone & Speaker
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • Windows PC Software
Image of Insteon 1080p WiFi IP Camera with Alarm