Chuango G5 Security Kit


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The G5W alarm system is simple to use, reliable and an affordable solution for safety and security. Perfect for the home or business, the G5W alarm system is completely wireless.

  • Modern, simple to use interface
  • Perfect for home or business security
  • Currently shipping with a bonus PIR motion sensor

3G/WCDMA/RFID DIY Burglar Alarm System

The Chuango G5W alarm system is a powerful, elegant and simple wireless security system! It includes a backup battery and compatibility with 3G sim cards to ensure that your security will always be active. This system only has one upfront cost with no ongoing monitoring costs or installation costs.

Kit currently shipping with a bonus PIR-910 motion sensor!

Thanks to wireless connectivity, next-generation home security is now accessible to everyone. Installation is straightforward, with no need for a professional installer; just plug the control panel in and start adding your accessories.

No matter where you are, the G5W keeps you updated thanks to its ability to support 3G SIM cards. Any intrusions, abnormalities or low battery alerts are reported via SMS or phone call, while you can stay on top of your home security status thanks to the easy-to-use iOS or Android app. You can even use the panel to make calls, with a programmable speed-dial number for emergencies.

Modern & User Friendly

The G5W console has a true white finish and is designed with a true eye for detail, providing the perfect addition matching your home décor.

Be Alerted via Mobile Phone

The G5W alarm system calls and sends SMS to up to 5 emergency contacts in an alarm event. Mobile phone network communication ensures the phone line can't be cut!


  • No wiring required, just plug it in
  • Tamper-protected, 3.7V 800mAh lithium back-up battery
  • 3G SIM card slot for instant alerts
  • iOS or Android app control
  • Accommodates up to 50 wireless sensors and accessories
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Touchpad control panel
  • Built in RFID sensor and paired remotes
  • 3-Year Warranty

The crisp white control panel features a simple touch keypad, while the sleek design means it will blend seamlessly with your existing décor. Paired RFID tags and remote controls make arming and disarming a simple process.

The Chuango G5W supports up to 5 emergency phone numbers and 5 text message numbers. When an alarmed event goes off, alerts will go out to them in succession to ensure proper action is being taken. If for some reason your Chuango G5W is not connected to a cellular network, the panel will sound every 15 seconds as a reminder. When you are away, you can remotely check your G5W's cellular signal strength by sending it a text message.

The Chuango G5W works with a wide range of wireless, battery-powered sensors and accessories that are both unobtrusive and extremely easy to set up and operate. Wireless door and window sensors that still notify you when opened during the ‘Disarmed’ state, so you know if someone is coming home or sneaking out, are just one of the clever, user friendly touches you get with the G5W system.

This starter kit comes with the following sensors and accessories: G5W 3G/WCDMA Control Panel x 1, DWC-102 Door/Window Contact x 1, PIR-910 Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1, RC-80 Remote Control x 2, TAG-26 RFID Tag x 2.

With the ability to accommodate up to 50 sensors, including wireless HD cameras, the G5W lets you add more components as your security needs evolve.

Protect your home, family and belongings and order your Chuango G5W Starter Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm System today.

Warning - Don’t Get Caught Out!

Only purchase CHUANGO© products from a CHUANGO© Authorised Distributor like Envious Technology. Products purchased from overseas re-sellers are normally made for the Chinese market with unofficial English language software overwritten. Any attempt to run a routine firmware update may render the product unusable. Also, many Chinese-market Chuango products do not support the 850/2100MHz 3G network used in Aus/NZ.

Enjoy all the benefits of ongoing firmware updates, along with after-sales technical and warranty support by purchasing from a CHUANGO© Authorised Distributor.


Power supply: Input 12V DC 500m
3G/WCDMA frequency: AU&NZ: 850/2100MHz
Standby current: 140mA
Alarm current: 210mA
Battery backup: 3.7V 800mAh lithium back-up battery
Internal siren volume: 95dB
Supported Wireless Accessories: 10 remote controls 50 RFID tags and 50 wireless sensors
Radio frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz (±75KHz)
Housing material: ABS plastic and acrylic
Operation condition: Temperature: 0ºC~+55ºC
Relative humidity: ≤ 80% (non-condensing):
Dimensions: L 188mm x W 131mm x H 26mm
Weight: 0.82kg

Optional Accessories for the Chuango G5 Security Kit:

Wireless Motion Sensor (Pet-Friendly)

The Chuango Wireless Pet-Immune PIR is a motion detector that uses infrared technology, fuzzy logic and advanced algorithms to accurately detect human body movements.

Wireless Curtain Motion Sensor

Chuango 15-degree curtain motion sensor

Wireless 360-degree Ceiling PIR

The PIR-700 motion sensor installs on a ceiling to provide a 360-degree detection range. Suitable for any indoor space.

Keyfob Remote - Twin-Pack

Add additional keyfob remote controls for arming/disarming your Chuango wireless security alarm.

Panic Button Remote

When pressed, this simple panic SOS remote will trigger your Chuango alarm, allowing programmed phone numbers receive an SMS or phone call.

Wireless Access Keypad

The Chuango Wireless Keypad & RFID Reader can be used as a second keypad for your Chuango G5W Starter Wireless DIY Home Security Alarm System

Wireless Internal Siren

This wireless mains powered siren expands your Chuango alarm system. Simply plugs into a power point.

Wireless External Siren (Mains-Powered)

The Chuango WS-280 wireless outdoor strobe siren is a perfect deterrent to a potential intruder, not only alerting neighbours of an intrusion but also advertising the presence of an alarm system in your home.

Wireless Exernal Siren (Solar-Powered)

A completely wireless solar-powered outdoor strobe/siren that is ideal for locations where there's no mains powered available.

Garage Tilt/Roller Door Sensor

Expand your Chuango security system with this sturdy garage-door sensor.

Wireless Glass-Break Sensor

Glass-break sensors detect the sound of a window being smashed or shattered.

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless vibration sensors will monitor a flat surface for vibration. Forceful banging on windows can sound your Chuango alarm.

Wireless Flood Sensor

Expand your Chuango alarm with a wireless flood sensor - great for monitoring areas where flooding might occur.

Multi-Beam IR Sensor

Use on balconies, fences or across your garage door to detect intrusion via invisible infrared beams.

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