Basic Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor


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A stylish multifunction weather station with weather forecast icons, moon phase display, calendar and more.

  • Basic bench-top weather station
  • Features outdoor sesnor for temperature, humidy & pressure
  • Moon phase display

This stylish unit features moon phases for the Australian/NZ region. It does not have wind speed/direction but has everything else. It has an external temperature/humidity, barometric sensor, (which really should be on an outside window sill so that you can easily access it for battery change). It has fantastic time logging.

  • Clock, clock alarm/snooze
  • Calendar, including Day announcement
  • Barometer trend log
  • Weather forecast icons: Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, etc
  • Moon phase display (with tide indication)
  • Sunrise/sunset time display
  • Temperature/humidity display
  • Temperature alert alarm
  • All-in-all excellent value for money
  • Transmitter frequency 433MHz

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Image of Insteon Basic Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor