Wi-Fi Controlled Mains Power Socket with App


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A Wi-Fi controlled smart socket which allows you to control household appliances remotely with the use of an smartphone app.

A handy solution for turning appliances ON and OFF when you aren't at home, or control appliances in hard to reach locations. The Wi-Fi controlled smart socket can be controlled by an App on your Smartphone, linking over the internet so you have control and monitoring even on the other side of the planet (as long as you have an internet connection). You can set up to 150 sockets on your network, give them custom names in the App, and even set up automatic timer controls on each individual socket. The applications are almost limitless.

  • App available for both AndroidŽ and AppleŽ devices
  • Max load: 240VAC, 10A
  • Dimensions: 100(L) x 62(W) x 30(D)mm
Image of Insteon Wi-Fi Controlled Mains Power Socket with App