Extra Receiver for ETV580 (Open-Box)

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OPEN-BOX ITEM - Extra receiver unit for the 5.8 GHz Wireless AV Sender.


Extra receiver unit for the 5.8 GHz Wireless Foxtel - Austar AV Sender. This unit allows you to expand your 5.8GHz AV Sender system and view your A/V devices (such as Foxtel, Austar, DVD players etc.) from an additional remote TV within your home.

Includes power supply and all necessary cables.

RECONDITIONED ITEM - This product is sold as "RECONDITIONED" as it is either an ex-demonstration item or has been returned from another customer under our money-back guarantee. The product has been tested, is fully functional and is offered with a 6 month warranty period against fault - providing great value for money! Note that the product packaging may be damaged or non-existent. There is no money-back guarantee on this item, although if you find it unsuitable within 7-days of purchase we can offer credit towards the purchase of another item.

Image of Insteon Extra Receiver for ETV580 (Open-Box)