X10-ADV Micro Dimmer (Open-Box)

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OPEN-BOX ITEM - Small micro module X10-ADVanced receiver that Receives commands sent from Interfaces or Transmitters. Switches and dims/brightens one connected load.


How the DAIX X10/A10 Inline Dimmer works

The DAIX10 module is an X10-ADVanced dimmable home control receiver which can also transmit signals. Requiring professional installation, the DAIX10 can be mounted behind momentary action light switches. Momentary action switches are required so that you can dim your lights from the switch, just simply hold down the switch and the brightness will ramp up and down until you release. A quick press will toggle the light on/off.

Conventional wall switches are easily converted to momentary switches by simply replacing the actual switch mechanism. Envious Technology can supply you with momentary switch mechanisms, please see the home control > accessories category.


  • Load rating of 25-250W
  • Suitable for 240V conventional and halogen lighting, as well as low-voltage lighting using dimmable transformers (leading or trailing edge)
  • Responds to �ALL LIGHTS ON� and �ALL UNITS OFF� commands
  • Memory feature allows DAIX10 to switch on to the last dim level used
  • Can be dimmed to fully off
  • Status can be retained after a black out
  • Soft on/off and dim provides a relaxed ambience


For manual control, the DAIX10 can be wired to momentary action switches. In this way, the DAIX10 can be switched and the brightness adjusted (hold down momentary switch for dimming), and can also be controlled via your X10 home control system. Just like the SAIX, manual control from 2-way (or more) switches is possible by connecting additonal momentary switches in parallel.

The DAIX10 responds to the standard X10 commands like "On", "Off", "All Lights On", "All Units Off". It also receives and responds to dim/bright commands, and will send its dim level to any similarly addressed module. The DAIX10 receives 'extended' X10 commands, meaning it can be sent directly to a certain dim level without needing to first ramp up to 100% like certain other X10 dimmer receivers.

Technical note: Active and neutral wires are required for the SAIX


The DAIX10's address and optional features can be programmed by any X10 transmitter or interface. They can also be programmed by the special AT004 programmer/test receiver.

RECONDITIONED ITEM - This product is undergoing clearance as it is either an ex-demonstration item or has been returned from another customer under our money-back guarantee. The product has been tested, is fully functional and is offered with a 6 month warranty period against fault - providing great value for money! Note that the product packaging may be damaged or non-existent. There is no money-back guarantee on this item, although if you find it unsuitable within 14 days of purchase we can offer credit towards the purchase of another item.

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