Winplus 4pc X10 Bedroom Control Starter Kit


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Control lights and appliances right from your bedside table with this 4-Piece X10 Bedroom Control starter kit.


The Bedside Control Kit gives you push button and timed control of your home’s lights, appliances and devices. At the touch of a button turn on or off all the lights in your home or dim your child’s night light without getting out of bed. Set timing for repetitive tasks such as turn on the coffee maker when the alarm sounds or turn on the front porch light every evening. With the installation of two AA alkaline batteries in your battery compartment of the Bedside Timer, your programmed times will be protected for up to 48 hours in the event of a power outage.

The Starter kit includes:

  • 1 x Bedside Timer Controller
  • 2 x Lamp Module
  • 1 x Socket Module
  • Instructions, and batteries


  • Control up to 8 different X10 lights and appliances.
  • Program macros so your bedroom lights turn on, then your bathroom followed by your kitchen.
  • Independent on/off timer control of four groups of X10 modules.
  • Left your lights on? A single press button turns all your lights off!
  • Hear a noise? Turn on your lights with a single press of a button from your bedside.
  • Can be used to trigger complicated sequences/macros with one button press
  • 230V a.c. /- 10%, 50Hz.

With the Bedside Control Starter Kit, you get a powerful alarm clock and X10 digital timer in one! Control up to 8 different lights, appliances or macros that are connected through X10 Receiver Modules. Schedule lights and appliances to go on and off when you need or turn off your child’s radio or nightlight from your bedside! You can even turn on all lights on with the touch of a button if you hear a suspicious noise at night.

Includes 2 x LM12 lamp modules which are dimmable X10 home control receivers that installs simply by plugging into a power point. A lamp or other light fitting rated between 40 and 300 Watts is then connected to the lamp module, providing you with control of that light from your home control system.

Also includes a LM15 socket module. Simply install the socket module as you would a light bulb and then install a light bulb into the socket module and installation is complete. You’ll then have remote On/Off control (no dimming) from any X10 home control transmitter or interface, without running a single wire. The module also works with the All Lights On/Off command.

Technical Note:

The socket module can handle bulbs up to 100W. Note that the existing wall switch will need to remain on for the socket module to function. If you'd prefer a hard-wired control option for your lights, including manual control see our LD11 or DAIX inline home control receivers.

Image of Insteon Winplus 4pc X10 Bedroom Control Starter Kit