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Spring loaded momentary action Clipsal switch mechanism. Enables on, off and dimming control of your X10 home control dimmable receivers. Blank (no "press" text)


The Clipsal 30MBPR-B is a spring loaded momentary (bell press) action switch mechanism. It fits into standard Clipsal switch plates and is used as a manual control switch for your inline X10 dimmable receivers:

This momentary mechanism has no text. Please see our 30MBPR for the same product with the word "Press" printed on it.

Works with:

This switch mechanism enables manual control of the X10 module it is connected to, including dimming if supported. The X10 home control receiver will toggle on/off when it detects a quick press of the momentary switch, while when the switch is held down the lights will ramp up and down in brightness until the switch is released.

Note this is only the switch mechanism (not the whole switch plate) and is for use with standard Clipsal wall plates.

Image of Insteon Clipsal Momentary Switch Mech - No Text