Lamp Module Receiver (Open-Box)


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OPEN-BOX ITEM - X10 DIY Receiver module which adds X10 control to your plug-in lamps.


  • Control your plug-in light with your home control system
  • Switches and dims lighting loads up to 300W.
  • Suitable for resistive loads (240V light bulbs) and low voltage lighting with dimmable transformers

The LM12 lamp module is a dimmable X10 home control receiver that installs simply by plugging it into a power point. A lamp or other light fitting rated between 40 and 300 Watts is then connected to the lamp module, proving you with control of that light from your home control system.

The LM12 is not suitable for fluorescent, low-energy lights or appliances as attempting to dim these devices may damage the lamp module or the device. For such applications you can use the AM12 appliance receiver (On/Off only), or other suitable appliance receiver.

The LM12 lamp module responds to X10 signals such as ‘On’, ‘Off’, ‘Dim’, ‘Bright’ ‘All Off’ and ‘All Lights On’. The lamp module's X10 address set using the two dials on the front, which set the module's House Code and Unit Code.

RECONDITIONED ITEM - This product is sold as "RECONDITIONED" as it is either an ex-demonstration item or has been returned from another customer under our money-back guarantee. The product has been tested, is fully functional and is offered with a 6 month warranty period against fault - providing great value for money! Note that the product packaging may be damaged or non-existent. There is no money-back guarantee on this item, although if you find it unsuitable within 7-days of purchase we can offer credit towards the purchase of another item.

Image of Insteon Lamp Module Receiver (Open-Box)