PowerMid Receiver (Open-Box)

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OPEN-BOX ITEM - Extra Powermid Receiver to expand your Powermid XL and Powermid Plus kits. Also suitable for IR control from PCs and Controllers.


The PowerMid Receiver is suitable for expanding your PowerMid Plus kit and PowerMid XL kit, or for giving our Universal Remotes the ability to work from anywhere in your home. In conjunction with the PowerMid Transmitter, you can use the PowerMid Receiver to receive IR signals from all over your home, even through walls and floors.

Perfect for extending the range of your remote controls when you wish to keep your A/V equipment in a storage room or any other position out of range from your couch.

How it works:

A PowerMid transmitter or X10 Universal Remote sends converted Infra-Red (IR) signals as Radio Frequency (RF) signals. These RF signals will transmit through walls and floors up to a range of 30m. The PowerMid Receiver picks up the RF signals and converts them back to IR signals to operate your A/V equipment and anything else that uses IR. With the PowerMid Receiver you can control your stereo equipment, IR ceiling fans, IR air conditioners and more from any room in your home.

RECONDITIONED ITEM - This product is sold as "RECONDITIONED" as it is either an ex-demonstration item or has been returned from another customer under our money-back guarantee. The product has been tested, is fully functional and is offered with a 6 month warranty period against fault - providing great value for money! Note that the product packaging may be damaged or non-existent. There is no money-back guarantee on this item, although if you find it unsuitable within 7-days of purchase we can offer credit towards the purchase of another item.

Image of Insteon PowerMid Receiver (Open-Box)