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Overview of Wireless AV Senders

Wireless Audio Video (AV) Sender Transmitter and Receiver

A Wireless AV Sender consists of an audio - video transmitter and receiver which enable a wireless TV to TV connection. With a wireless video sender you can easily send the signal from your Foxtel, Austar, DVD player or other AV device to another room.

We have a select range of the best Wireless AV Senders in Australia that work on either 2.4 GHz or the latest 5.8 GHz technology. All of our Wireless AV Senders include an IR extender function which means you can use your IR remote control from the second room. Want to know how to get Foxtel TV in another room, free? This is it!

Our range includes Digital AV Senders, Analogue 5.8GHz and HDMI High-Definition AV Senders.

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The Wireless AV Senders category contains the following sub-categories:

High-Definition HDMI AV Senders

High definition AV Senders are the ultimate in high quality wireless AV transmission. These devices enable you send HD 1080p content including digital sound from one room to another, wirelessly.

Accepting HDMI connections, the industry standard for high quality signals, HD AV Senders are perfect for sending your HD content to another room in your home, or to another corner within the same room.


5GHz Digital Matrix AV Sender (HDMI)


Wirelessly transmit HDMI AV signals to one or more locations throughout your home. No expensive rewiring, no interference and up to 1080p HD quality. Our best AV Sender for sending Foxtel IQ3 to another room.

Code: HDVS50


ScreenBeam Pro Wireless Display Kit


With ScreenBeam Pro, you can enjoy videos, photos and movies from your WiDi and Miracast laptop and other devices on your HDMI TV.

Code: SBWD-K

Standard Definition RCA AV Senders

Standard definition AV Senders allow you to wirelessly transmit RCA stereo sound and composite video signals from one room to another. Accepting the traditional red/white/yellow AV connections found on most DVD players and PayTV boxes, these AV Senders provide the most cost-effective solution for wirelessly transmitting your AV signals.


5.8GHz Wireless AV Sender for Foxtel (RCA)


Transmit Foxtel, Austar, DVD player or another RCA source-device wirelessly to another room in your home. IR extender enables remote control from the 2nd room.

Code: WAVA058



2.4GHz Dual-Input AV Sender (Open-Box)



OPEN-BOX ITEM - The Cocoon dual-input Wireless A/V Sender sends Audio/Video signals wirelessly, with a range of 30m. The device lets you connect two sources (eg PayTV, DVD, VCR) and switch between them from the remote location.

Code: ZDIVS50



Cocoon 2.4GHz Digital AV Sender (Open-Box)



OPEN-BOX ITEM - Send Foxtel to another room without interference. The Cocoon Digital AV Sender provides far greater clarity than analogue equivalents.