Concord 1.5m Premium HDMI Lead


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This is our 1.5m premium High Speed with Ethernet Channel Technology HDMI lead. Featuring 24K gold heavily plated connectors and oxygen-free heavy duty copper cabling.

  • 1.5 Metre Length
  • 24K Gold Heavily Plated Connectors
  • Oxygen-free Heavy Duty Copper Cabling


High Quality - Affordable

If you read the AV magazines, you'd be forgiven for thinking that some cables have magical properties and were capable of somehow extracting something from your home theatre that wasn't there before. Naturally, to go along with these magical properties, a massive price tag applies. We don't subscribe to this untruthful theory. A theory we do subscribe to is that everyone should be able to buy excellent cables made from quality materials at realistic prices.

These are our premium HDMI (1.4 compliant) High Speed with Ethernet Channel Technology cables. They feature 24K gold heavily plated connectors and oxygen-free heavy duty copper cabling. Each plug is solidly constructed for frequent, reliable use. Also featured are high quality moulded strain-relief cord grommets and a braided sheath to protect against wear.

They don't have magical properties, but the same HD quality that you put in one end will come out the other... and that's all you need them to do.

HDMI Ethernet Channel Technology

With networking capabilities now available in a wide range of IP-enabled home entertainment devices, from TVs and gaming consoles to DVRs and more, adding an Ethernet Channel is a big step forward in the evolution of the HDMI standard. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of Ethernet connectivity via HDMI, and further simplify your systems by eliminating the need for separate Ethernet cables.

HDMI Ethernet Channel Technology