HDMI AV Sender - Extra Transmitter


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  • HDMI Digital AV Sender - Extra Transmitter

Additional transmitter module for the 5GHz Digital Matrix AV Sender (HDMI).

  • Full HD 1080P Multi-Room AV Sender System
  • Wireless up to 40 Metres - through walls and floors
  • IR Remote Control & USB Extender Built-in

HD your way: any video, any room, any TV - wirelessly!

Whether it's the movies you download, Foxtel HD, your PC / MAC or your Blu-rays, this multi-room HD Video Sender is designed to unleash it. Transmitting HD, as big as 1080p, up to 40 metres across your home - it even works through walls and floors.

How it works

Simply connect this Transmitter to the HDMI source and plug a Receiver into your HD TV or projector in the remote location.

With multi-room support, you can have up to 8 receivers and 4 transmitters. Switching between the different transmitters is as easy as clicking a button on the included remote control.

Easy to setup and absolutely no interference - guaranteed.

You can also take the remote control from the transmitting AV source with you into the other room using the in-built IR Remote Control Wireless Extender feature.

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